I started my career as a back end developer about 3 years ago. My experience spans different programming languages and technology stacks, mostly backend ocassionaly frontend..

Even though the scope of web development is broad, I was very interested and focused on Back-End Development.

Back-End Developer

I love creating APIs and web services. I am focused on creating highly scalable and highly available web services using efficient and reliable technologies.

I really enjoy creating microservices and applications using latest technologies like

  • Web application,
  • Rest API's,
  • Library packages,
  • CLI tools,
  • and others.

I love to work with latest technologies and tools. I am always looking for new technologies and tools to learn and use.


I've been using Java for about 3 years. I've used it to create web applications, web services, libraries, and CLI tools. I am very comfortable using Java and I think it's a great and versatile programming language.

Java is my daily driver for creating web applications and web services. The type safety and the vast amount of libraries available makes it a great choice for any web applications and web services.

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is my go-to framework for creating web applications and web services. I've been using it since 2021 (3 years) and have become quite proficient with it.


Python is the language of choice when i am dealing with any AI/ML projects.The ease of use and the vast amount of libraries available makes it a great choice for any AI/ML projects.


As a back end developer, SQl has become a daily driver for me. I use sql to interact with varoius databases like Microsoft SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc.


I have been using azure to deploy my web applications and web services. The azure devops suite is a great tool for CI/CD pipelines.

These make the process of deploying web applications and web services very easy and efficient.

Detail and Summary

I represent all data in labels to make it easier to read. The underline indicator shows how often I used the related item, e.g.:

Frequently Used Occasionally

Programming Languages

Java SQL Python C
TyoeScript JavaScript HTML/CSS


Spring Boot Hibernate Maven Hilla Vaadin
Flask TensorFlow Sql Server Postgress Git Docker

Softwares and Tools

Intellij Idea VS Code Postman Azure Devops
Github Eclipse Toad Microsoft SQL Server Studio